Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jake, the Break and the Snake

1.  JAKE...
 Jake and Rebekah got some sweet free Delta flights and flew their hineys right out to Memphis to see us.  We love them.  Jake and Joey spent MOST of their time playing..... (what?)..... DISC GOLF.  The difference between now and their last visit (titled Disc Golf Mania) is that Jake had played a lot more disc golf and so Joey had his work cut out for him. 
They had to out-mania their mania from last visit so they played 254 - TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR HOLES OF DISC GOLF!!!    Rebekah played a lot of those and I played the most disc golf of my life.  Probably around 50 holes.  
We even fit in other activities around those 254 holes of golf.  Lots of beyblade battles with Luke, movie watching,  Rebekah and I went to Zumba, Body Fit and Latin Rhythm.  We like to party.  
We even went to a casino buffet in Tunica. (Tunica is the Las Vegas of the south.  Floating casinos on the Mississippi river since it's legal to gamble on the river in the state of MS)  Oh and the BREAK (-ing a hole in our wall) and the SNAKE. but more on that.
Here is a fun afternoon lunch we had at The Grove between disc golf rounds rocking out to some live music.  These soulful tunes were provided by Nick Black and band and since it was basically just us and them, we got to request music and dance around like crazies.

 Beyblade battles 
3, 2, 1....
 Let it rip!


So, we are just hanging out one morning and Jake is walking around knocking on our walls and checking stuff and out and says "hey guys!  I think there is an empty space under your stairs.  Do you know what is under here?" 
we say "no"
 "So... wanna find out?  Should I kick a hole in your wall right now?"  he is facing us and has his foot on the wall and has a jake-glimmer in his eye.
Joey says "Yeah!  Do it!  Do it right now!" 
He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.  That was all he needed and CRASH! - his foot went through our wall.  
 I was all "huh? are we really doing this right now?"
He grabbed a hammer and started making a wider hole saying "Oh yeah, I mean this is just wasted space under here.  We could make it into a hideout for the kids or something!"
And with that, The Hideout was born....

Of course there was disc golf to be played that day so it just was a big hole in the wall.  When Luke came home from school and I told him Uncle Jake had kicked a hole in the wall and was going to make a secret hideout for him.  He looked in the hole and exclaimed "what!  you mean, ALL THIS TIME we've had a hideout and we didn't even know?!!!"   Uncle Jake - hero.

Clearing out all the insulation and cobwebs..... at like midnight.

 The next day he built an adorable little dutch door and hung up white lights and wired in a switch etc.  Joey painted.  

The coolest kid hideout ever!!

 Like father, like son huh?  Jake just did this the day before he left.  It has been a blast!!

Oh and he cut a window in our laundry room that the kids can peek out of.  We are going to put cute little shutters on for them.  (sorry we haven't done that yet Jake)

Luke peeking out, Maryanne peeking out.

 On his last day Jake and I ran out to run to a hardware store and we stopped when we saw THIS slithering right in front of wear the kids would get in the van (in their bare feet nontheless)

Jake was like "that looks like a poisonous snake!  get the kids away, we got to get rid of it.  Seriously Katie this could probably like kill one of your kids."

I was freaked out and watched Jake look for some sort of tool to kill it with.  He is on the phone with Joey in this picture asking where the shovel is.  While he was on the phone he tried to get it with a hatchet and it rose up and tried to bite his hand!  It was freaky.

Finally he killed it with with a random pole I think.  I was sure glad he was there.  
 I think this was a baby copperhead.  Which is even more poisonous than an adult.  Uncle Jake - hero again.

Thinking of it right next to our little babies' toes just makes me more than a little squeamish.  I've been stepping more carefully in our grass lately.

Jake - Thanks for the hideout, the snake protection, the delicious curry and the disc golf tips.

Rebekah - Thanks for bustin' a move with me at the gym so we could eat lots of candy bars.  and for telling me when to close my eyes during Walking Dead.  and for kicking my bum at disc golf.  and for loving my kids.

We sure love you guys.  And I think you are the winning siblings for most visits.  Or maybe are tied with Emily.  But we know of a few double siblings that we would LOVE a visit from.  wink wink.  nudge nudge.  


kate said...

wow, what a post! you nailed it. i love your little hideaway so much, it is so cute and such a special place for little people! that jake, he's pretty great. rebecca too, so gorgeous and fun and nice. next time they come we will be more intrusive and come spend more time with them! also, that snake gives me the willies. i had almost forgotten about it and now that i remember i think i won't come visit you for a while.

Sarah C. said...

That is a copperhead. Not really a baby - adults only get 2-3' long. I'd see them a couple times a week running around the base. They're poisonous (pit vipers - same family as rattlesnakes) but they aren't very aggressive. Unless you're trying to hack them with a hatchet. I think they frown on that.

Sarah C. said...

That was Clint, this is Sarah. Love Jake and Rebekah. I guess you don't need a bigger house now that you've got a Harry Potter bedroom. Who gets it?

Sarah C. said...

P.P.S. Blog hog! I totally recognize Luke's Indian gettup from our days at good old Bon Lin.

Anita said...

I love the hideout!

Lindsay said...

Love that hide out. Wish I still lived there so I could play in it. I mean so my kids could play in it. :)
Still miss you so much! I really do!

J to the oey said...

I love the hideout. Sometimes when I get home from work I just go In there and start replying to all the days emails and texts while the kids dogpile on me. It is motivating me to lose a little weight because my hips get a bit stuck in the doorway.

Jake said...

Awesome husband is pretty cool. And he did take me to Ruby Tuesday to make up for it.

Jake said...

oh that was me, Rebekah not jake.

Gianetta said...

Oh snap!!! I love this story!!! What crazy adventures you guys always have!!! Ben told me all about your cool bro Jake from disc golfing too.... We need to hang out soon!

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