Friday, July 3, 2015

one year of freddy: the movie

(July 5th)  Working on this video and reviewing this year with Freddy has made me reflect on my life a little.  I was so crazy in love with Joey when we got married and it was light and happy and giddy and fun.  But with the birth of each child - our love changes.   It's not as light or as giddy maybe as it used to be, because it's an added responsibility and we have more work to do and more to juggle.  But babies!   What joy and love they bring with them.  And my love for Joey deepens as we work together and exchange looks of awe over these precious beings we've created.  I realize that this is it.  This is the reason we are here.  To feel this joy through this amazing power of procreation. 
President Boyd K, Packer passed away a couple days ago and man I loved him.  I still remember listening to him as a little kid in our family room downstairs and he said something that made my eyes well up with tears I was so touched.  And I felt like he was talking just to me.  That was my first experience like that and I've had many since.  So Boyd K. Packer has always been special to me.
Anyway - he said this is in his last talk  "The power of procreation is not an incidental part of the plan; it is the plan of happiness; it is the key to happiness."
He said - "A tiny body begins to form after a pattern of magnificent complexity. A child comes forth in the miracle of birth, created in the image of its earthly father and mother. Within its mortal body is a spirit able to feel and perceive spiritual things. Dormant in that mortal body of this child is the power to beget offspring in its own image."

 Anyway those are just some thoughts. 
And here's a nice silly video of our dear Freddy's first year.  (I think it's funny that coldplay's lyrics include - you're skin...oh yeah you're skin and bones. .....hee hee)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Frederick Nathan turns ONE!

Just like his birth - some of the excitement started the night before.  He took his very first steps on June 5th at 7:54 pm. 

The morning of his birthday Luke took it upon himself to decorate.  He wanted him to have a "Little, Big Planet" birthday.   He designed all his own decorations for the wall and even made sure he had a festive and themed birthday bottle.  What a bro.
And then we spent the day at the Lake - which is, of course, where Freddy requested his birthday party to be. (We are very accommodating.)   Even though we might have been distracted by Super Mable (she's such an attention hog) we still made sure Freddy got the adoration he deserves.

practicing his ONE
He loved floating around in his life jacket.  Look at that little face!

After the lake and the drive home it was getting late.  All family members kindly delayed showers and dinner so we could skip straight to the singing and cake for the Fredster so he could go to bed.   We have a tradition of showing a one year video at the birthday but this time I hadn't had any time to make one. (but it's hopefully coming soon...sorry 4th child!)  But Freddy himself was entertainment enough.  He was loving that he had a big, captive audience watching him eat (and not eat) his cake.  I love how at the very end just as Olivia says "I think he likes giving stuff to people" - he looks at her and takes the berry out of his mouth and hands it to her.  :)

lethimeatcake from katiehale on Vimeo.

and... he's off to the bath tub

Since the cake was his dinner - I guess he decided he still needed dessert. (a tasty bar of soap)
Happy 1st Birthday Freddybones!

PS - his presents were: colorful bath balls from Kate, bubbles from the Songers and the cutest HOMEMADE finger puppets from Malan!
 PPS -
 Freddy's one year old stats:
weight: 18.5 lbs (10%)
height: 30 inches (50%)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Songers Seven do Memphis

Songers Seven - Memphis Bridge

This is my brother Casey and Joey's sister Edith who happen to be married to each other and have five cool and nice kids named (L to R) Anderson, Anika, Rosalie, Meredith and Lissa.   And after our trip to Florida - we just moved the party to Memphis.  It was so, SO fun.... and chill - the perfect blend.  Since my kids have "the cousins!" that already live here - they distinguished the Songers as "the double-cousins!"  And would constantly be asking "I want to ride with the double-cousins!"  Where are the double-cousins?!" 

Kate and I took turns hosting and so for the first half of the week, I got "the teenagers".  (And since the family was sort of split that way - they got called "the teenagers" the whole trip.)   So, my turn hosting "the teenagers" was a blast.  I loved hearing their funny stories and they are all so vibrant and  excited about life.  One night I overheard them laughing hysterically and I just thought "man, they do not act like siblings.  they act like best friends or cousins who haven't seen each other for a long time."  I talked to Anderson the next day about how impressed I was with their relationship and he was quick to correct me.  He said, "no, Lissa and I got in a big fight right before all the laughing.  I just don't want you to get the wrong idea.  we are not perfect."   Oh, that just made me love him even more. 

Monday: The Zoo


(asked me to take a picture of them because they were being super sparkle and dark sparkle)
Anderson about to go up for a high five

Tuesday:  Chill at home, attempt to see the new Moroni being put on the temple.  (got there at 9:00 but it didn't happen until much later in the day and we left after about an hour and a half.  But we got to see the new font hoisted up and over the fence),  went to "The Nest" playground, and chilled some more at home.  That night we went to Fat Larry's and stuffed ourselves silly eating fried pickles, fried green beans, fried cheese cubes, the sampler bbq platter and even got a few things sent over from our friend Larry himself.  Like barbequed turkey and fried sweet potatoes.  For dessert we had fried apple, peach and lemon pies.  Yeah, I know.  You are jealous.  (either that or you're judging our grease intake)

Casey and Lucy: Besties
So, after church on the first day the Songers were here - Lucy whispered in my hear - "guess who my bestie is?.... uncle casey! .... because he's magic"    She just adored him.  Here they at the temple grounds and he's just doing some magic tricks.   I spy some serious delight in that there child.
 lucy loves casey
lucy "dots by us are coins and they are magic because those butterflies are there and the orange stuff around casey is HIS magic"

 WednesdayMud Island River Park

We started at the top of the lower Mississippi River and walked 954 miles to the Gulf of Mexico (and it took less time than our drive!  It helps when each mile is only 30")

Thursday:  Joey the dentist strikes again.  Fixing teeth and making smiles beautiful.  Lissa, Ani and Casey got their teefs fixed or impressions done or what have you.

and then we all went swimming...

"the teenagers" - see what I mean about these 3?  I don't care what they say, they seem to enjoy each other quite a bit.

And Meri - sweet Meri.  She of course came bearing gifts for all her little cousins.  Gifts that were her own little treasures that she thoughfully gathered and brought with her.  She is so cute with babies and kids.  What a gal. 
 These two best cousins were inseparable.  They both crazy smart, natural nurturers and love to bake.  A match made in heaven. 

Blue-lipped Rosie. 
Rosalie is so cute with endearing mannerisms and also smart as a whip,

Osky being really cute with Aunt Edith while Kate put a patio swing together all by her manly self.  (She's seriously so cool like that).    Look at that amazing hair.  All I heard both Sundays at church was about Edith and Lissa's hair and how everyone was in love.   

Friday:  A rest day - lazy and wonderful.  Ate, read, lounged, talked, ate, sang karaoke, ate.  Oh and Casey, Joey, Anderson and Lissa had a disc golf adventure at Bud Hill - southern disc golf at its finest.


Saturday - Lake day!

Of course we had to give the Songer kids a ride on the old Super Mable.  And sure enough - she did not let us down.  Lots of squeals and fun rides.  At one point we had some teens and adults and it snapped the rope!  We are so hard core.  :)  Also, all the Songer kids skied!  And Anderson did all the requirements for a  waterskiing merit badge. 



Sunday: Saying good-bye.....


and there they go....
Bye Songers!!! 
We loved your visit so much!

What a wonderful bunch of people to be doubly related to. 
They definitely left us better than they found us.

Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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