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Easter 2015

Primary party
Our Primary activity was amazing this year.  It wasn't the traditional egg hunt.  They rotated to 3 different rooms to make a cute bunny ears craft, bake resurrection rolls and make a neat Easter family night kit. 
 listening intently to Jerianne tell them the story of Jesus' resurrection
 This was my favorite part and I think was the kids' too.  Each ingredient they baked with was symbolic.  The marshmallow (Christ) was white and pure and they put it in butter (the oils) and then in cinnamon (the spices) and wrapped it in a crescent dough (linens)  After the rolls were done - the kids looked inside the rolls and the marshmallow was gone.  It was pretty cool.

 When the activity was over, there were children in groups sitting on the floor just eating their refreshments and their rolls and I noticed as I walked around that each little pocket of conversation was about Jesus and the resurrection.  The kids were all so interested that the marshmallow as gone and how Jesus was also gone from the tomb.  The older kids were teaching the younger kids.  It was very cool and memorable.  And we used our 12 egg Family Night kit on Easter morning - and I loved it.  Very neat activity.  Thank you to the primary presidency!

Lucy's Preschool egg hunt and party
This was an insane egg hunt.  Each child came away with about 50 eggs.  And on top of that they gave prizes.  They hid a silver egg and a gold egg and if you found those you got a huge bag of treats and toys.  Lucy actually found BOTH of them.  So, she gave one bag away and kept one.  And then of course there were cupcakes and other treats as part of the party.   So, even if I'm a loser when it comes to holidays - other people in my children's lives more than pick up the slack.


 (trying out a prize)  a sneaky mysterious stranger

Baptist Egg Hunt
Don't ya love when you are just on a bike ride and you happen upon an amazing egg hunt?  This was Brunsick Baptist church's egg hunt.  (I use the word "hunt" loosely here.  It's really more of an egg race - no hunting involved) They saw us passing by and insisted on the kids joining the hunt.   They gave them grocery sacks and entered their name in the drawing and they were all set. 

 During Lucy's turn she saw a plastic "cupcake egg" in Luke's section.  It was purple and she wanted it so bad.  After her turn was over she told Luke about it and where it was.  And I'll be darned if that little boy didn't race right over to it and run all the way back and hand it to her.  And then ran and got a pink one for Maryanne and brought it all the way back.  And his grocery sack was still empty after minutes into the race.  (He still totally scored plenty of eggs but I loved that he got the girls' egg first.)

There was a giant bounce house they played in afterwards and the kids were having the time of their lives.   Lucy came out unscathed but someone jumped and sat on Luke's face and he came out with blood gushing down his face. 

Then it was time for the drawing.  It was the 4-5 year old girls drawing and they pulled out.... "Lucy Hale!"
She was excited to win and got a huge gift basket of toys.  I felt a little embarrassed since we don't even go to their church and were there as guests.  We sheepishly took it and thanked them.

But then it was overkill when the 6-7 year old boy was drawn and it was .... "Luke Hale!"   And his prize was a BRAND NEW BIKE!!  Then, I was more than just a little embarrassed.  Luke already had a bike and this was just too much.  I told Luke he needed to give it back so another boy who needed a bike could have it. 

Luke was a pretty good sport about it and shyly went up and asked them to draw another name.  They were really sweet about it and let Luke read the name.  And the boy who won was really excited and everyone gave Luke a lot of attention for doing that so I think he felt really good.  (I actually think some people mistook his shyness for sadness and thought I was a mean mom to make him give away his prize so they gave him extra attention.)
Friend Egg Hunt at Ellendale Park
A group of friends organized this egg hunt and this time it was an actual hunt.  It was fun because there were some eggs that were hidden really well so it took the kids awhile to find them all.

Our friends the Austins.  They had me snap a family picture and since they are moving and we are going to miss them so much - I thought I should post it here.   Moment of silence....



I love Easter.  It's wonderful to remember what Jesus did for our sakes.  And that death is not the end.  It's a joyous and beautiful thing to celebrate.  Here's an old throwback:
1999 - Jerusalem

Monday, May 18, 2015

freddybones - 9 months

(he's 11 1/2 months now.  just a little behind.)

Joey often sings (to the tune of Phoebe's smelly cat) ...
"Freddy bones Freddy bones - what are they feeding you? 
Freddy bones Freddy bones - it's not your fault"  
(yes, he's still in the 5th percentile)

Oh our little little Freddy.  We love him so much.  Some freddyisms

1.  His little hands.  There is something special about this little baby's hands.  He has soft little hands that pat so gently and make the perfect little smacking sound.  He's always patting my cheeks, my arms, my hands and clapping his own hands together and I don't want to forget how much I love his sweet little hands. 

2.  He loves the vacuum cleaner.  When I start to vacuum - instead of being afraid, he actually charges right over and attacks it.

3.  Hates baths.  Always has until one fateful day when he was 8 1/2 months - he took a bath and liked it. 

4.  You know how the best feeling in the world is when a baby lays his head on your shoulder?    Well,  I can't really remember but it seems like Freddy does this more than any of my other babies.  For sure more than my first ("straight-arm baby" Luke).  It's so wonderful to feel your baby melt into you and just snuggle right up.  LOVE that!

5.  Loves "Pat-a-cake" and Peekaboo.  Will stop mid-cry sometimes to engage.  It's pretty cute.  And I love when he says "mmma mmmma"   It's just sounds to him but I still love it. 

7 months: 

 those sweet little hands!


first tooth - January 18th
(pic January 21st)

learning to do the worm - such a hip baby
first time crawling
The no-knee crawl (knees - totally overrated)

8 months:

So something about Freddy is that he detests baths.  Always has. I tried everything - varying the temperature, with me, running the water first in case it was the noise etc. etc.  So, this kid actually didn't get many baths because he hated them so much.  He really rarely cries and so when I put him in the water and hear that blood curdling scream, it's just awful.  Well, one day when he was around 8 months - I was taking a bath and he crawled over and was acting like he wanted to get in.  I pulled him with all his clothes and just dipped him in... he was fine!  He loved it and splashed around in his clothes.  It was such a breakthrough!  So after that I would always put him in the water IN his clothes.  And then take them off after he'd been in the bath a few minutes.  So funny.  I think this is his first happy bath  (notice his wet clothes in his bath) February 22 - so he's 8.5 months.  

9 months

Frederick Hale
Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz. 5%
Height - 27.5 inches 20%
March 11

 photo shoot with Aunt Kate entitled "dripping with class" :)
march 15



We love our Frolly Frog!! 


Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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