Monday, September 22, 2014

the haps

Just a bunch of random happenings around here.

Best lawn guy ever - our friend Buzz - gives kids rides (fast ones) every time he comes

 At the end of June - Lucy got a new bed and moved into Maryanne's room

The other night I went in to check on them thinking they'd be sleeping and found this..
They had promised to stay in their beds.  So they kept one toe on their mattresses but wanted to hold hands. :)

My first outing with all kids was July 3rd to the Collierville Sprinkler park
Luckily there were baby-holding friends there and so it went pretty well.

One day back in July - I came upon this scene of a dutiful cousin pulling a lady of luxury in her homemade chariot...

said lady of luxury

 A day in August at Ellendale park finding adorable tiny frogs (Josh)

And beautiful moths.  We love that park - the kids leave with creatures and rocks in their pockets and a nice layer of dirt on their faces.

this has been happening a lot at our house.  finding long blankets to be our Rapunzel braids and brush them while singing - "brush and brush and brush and brush my hair... when will my life begin..."

The last 4 Saturdays Joey (following the example of his wise older brother Mike) has been attending Zumba with his wife.  Our favorite day was an all 80's music day - yeah, we totally rocked it.  Such a fun and healthier date than eating out. 
and our sitter for our new dates? This beautiful and responsible young lady.  She can do more than Joey and I combined.  She's amazing.

Lucy snapped this the other day. 

Some exciting news about LUKE - he's a cub scout!!  The scouts came to his school and showed his class pictures of people shooting bows and arrows, kayaking, rock climbing and camping and they said "hey kids - you want to do this!?"  Luke was like "heck yes I do!"
So, being a scout was instantly his new passion.  The first couple meetings have been a lot of intro and paperwork but surprisingly his excitement hasn't fizzled. (mine has).  He's memorizing scout oaths, mottos and handshakes and loving it.
(nothing is cuter than little six year old boys clamoring around in little tiger cub uniforms.  oh my goodness.)

This pic was back in may - but Luke loves nothing more than camping with his dad.  This is a fathers/son outing.  I asked him if he'd rather camp with dad or go to Disney World and he thought and thought and said - it's a tie.  I love them both.

Luke also just lost his first tooth!!  My FIRST kid lost his FIRST tooth.  September 20th at 12:20.  He was so happy. We've been in the tooth business but we're new to the tooth fairy business.

 The haps on LUCE
Lucy had her school shots and check-up a few weeks ago
She's 37.5 lbs  (50%) and 40.5 inches tall (30%)
She was so, so, SO brave with her shots.  She got THREE shots and barely flinched.  The nurse said she doesn't see that very often. I was a proud mama bear. 
Lucy has been a really good helper with Frederick too.

Lucy got a music education from cousin Mason who visited before flying to Harvard to start college.  She kept saying - oh, this is soooo beautiful as he played her new tracks on his phone.  It was so fun to have Mason.  But also strange that this bearded man in my house was my little nephew Mason.  I had him sing for us - he's still got it.  We got to spend a lot of time with them when we lived in Maryland and they lived in VA.  Let's see - that was when he was 8 to 12.  That is weird to think he wasn't much older than Luke when we moved there. 

Family Home Evening on Temple marriage.  Luke and Lucy building a temple and Maryanne got more excited about the idea of wearing a veil and carrying flowers.  She spent the rest of the night planning her wedding.  She would say "you come to my wedding mommy?"   It was cute until things didn't go her way and she turned into a bridezilla.  Oh dear.

sprinklers and popsicles - the life of a kid huh?

A week ago - most of our streets looked like this.  Crazy flash floods.  Joey almost lost the car.  He took this pic on the way to work.

I kept Luke home from school. They played in the rushing gutters and then... we went to the mall  (the fateful no-pants Lucy trip)

The age old question of why do some have so many when others have so few.  (I think Lucy is wearing 5 tutus)

And .... that's all the random photos I have for this evening.  :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Birthday time

My birthday happened.  I'm older now.  Look what I woke up to at like 6:45 in the morning ...
Amanda and Kate brought me an amazing breakfast in bed!! Maryanne - displaying her love for flowers.

Then we spent that evening at Horseshoe Lake.

Took a family picture. Our family is getting big, right?  Hopefully I will be getting littler.

The next morning the Wilsons and the Cremeans joined us.
And after Kate's lucky double double-yoke egg breakfast...

We tried out our new SUPER MABLE!!!
Super Mable - super fun.  It's more bang for your buck cause we can pile all the kids on there and we don't have a boat full of kids waiting and begging to go out.  Cause they are basically all out there. :)  And then we can dump them in the middle of the lake to play on it while we take individual kids skiing.  Super Mable, we love you.

and we kayaked around these lovely cyprus trees.  this is cyprus tree right?  And Kate did you get any kayak pictures? 

Favorite birthday present was Joey printed off the first year of this blog into a book for me.  
Good birthday.

thanks kate!  here's kayaking...


Monday, September 15, 2014

A day in the life

I have so much blogging to do it's crazy.  But just like everything else in my life - I feel like I'll never catch up.  I'm seriously drowning in endless "to-do's" that never get crossed off the list.  aaaahhh!  Caleb had us listen to this Jim Gaffigan clip on 4 kids and I laughed so hard when he said "you wanna know what it's like when you have your fourth kid?  Imagine you're drowning and then someone hands you a baby."
Anyway - I don't know when I will ever catch up on blogging but I thought I'd just write about today.  Not particularly funny or noteworthy but I thought some day I would like to go back and see what everyone was like on one particular day.  So feel free to skip this one.  It's more just for me.
Frederick today - Freddy has been really good lately.  He's making lots of happy noises and smiling up a storm.  It makes me feel so loved that all I have to do is make eye contact and he erupts into the smiliest smiles.  Today he was sitting on my lap at Kate's house and I felt him be so still and sort of limp and asked Kate if he had fallen asleep and sure enough he had.  No fuss or crying  - he just fell asleep!  I hope this is a new pattern cause that would be awesome.  He doesn't look like my other kids.  He's so fair and skinny faced. (unlike my olive, broad-faced ones)  And is looking like he'll have blue eyes.  And his roots are coming in light too.  Sometimes I think I see some Casey and Anderson looks about him.
Maryanne today - I spent a lot of one-on-one time with Maryanne today and she cracks me up.  She absolutely adores dancing and wearing beautiful things.  She slips into this character that you know she feels beautiful.  Today she had that look on her face where I know she was being Barbie or something.  Totally swept away look.  She gave me a very tight, loving hug and then whispered "say knock em dead"  I said "Knock em dead" and she smiled and said "I will!" and had a determined look in her eyes and danced off.  ???   So funny!!  Then she came back and said "let's hug again"  And after a very dramatic hug she whispered "now say break a leg" so I said "break a leg" and she went off to her dancing again.  She gets overjoyed when discovering something lying around that is pink or sparkly or that she decides is more exciting than what she has on.  It's like it's the best thing that ever happened to her when we agree to let her wear it.  So we change her clothes 50 times a day.
Lucy today -  Lucy spent the morning at pre-school and the afternoon at the cousins and the evening with us.  I went to pick her up from the cousins and she hid because she really just wants to stay there forever.  Tonight when I laid down with her and asked her about preschool she talked non-stop for 25 minutes and gave me a total play-by-play of her day.  (said in record speed with little or no pauses for breath)   "We played the playground and there was this thing that I wanted to play on so I waited for this boy to get off and then I got on and played but then I got off cause it was boring and there was this thing like a telescope to look out and I pretended all the big kid teachers were pirates.....and then we played duck duck goose and when I was it I said no because I was shy....and there is a reading center and the girl read me clifford a dog that is so big and......there is only one big kid teacher that I'm not shy of and her name is neenee and I love her but she wasn't there this day.  maybe she wasn't there because she's shy of me"  then she starts laughing really hard  "haha - no, big kids are never SHY of little kids hahahaha" .. and on and on... and on.  I love her zeal.
Luke today -  Luke went off to school early and came home at 3:10.  I looked through his school work and saw a game of tick-tack-toe and there were three games.  Two with "charlot" written next to it and one with "luke"  I asked him about it and he said he was playing with his imaginary friend charlot (we are reading charlotte's web at night) and that she kept blocking him with her o's and then she'd win.  But then the third time he finally won.  I liked that for some reason.   After family night I took him to cub scouts.   It was a first one so pretty boring with a lot of just going over what scouts is all about.  I seriously don't know how he learns anything at school.  That poor kid just could NOT listen to save his life.  He was drawing words that he heard which is good - but he had no idea what the dude was saying.   I feel for his teachers at school.  He is darling though and so enthusiastic anytime a question was asked (but I would have re-ask it to him in his ear.. cause he had no idea what was going on)  he'd have a passionate response.  He's just so in his own little world.  It takes a lot of energy to keep pulling him back to what is happening in the here and now.  Interesting to see all the little 6 year old boys doing a lot of the same mannerisms when they talk as Luke.  Nothing cuter than a little 6 year old in a scout uniform.
Joey today - he's totally exhausted.  I wish so bad that I could have a clean house for him when he gets home.  He has a big campout and boating trip he's planning this weekend for the priests and teachers and is the bishop and working and still has these 4 kids and messy house and tired wife to come home to. And most nights he somehow musters up the energy to do the dishes.  I sure do love him. Oh we are working hard on being healthy and he's gone from 205 to 189.  I've gone from 170 to 159.  I remember my first two kids it seemed like it was so easy to lose weight but maybe I'm just forgetting.  And being impatient. It's only been 3 months. I need to get to 140.  I'm doing a health challenge now with my friend - she's my life coach and is the boss of me and tells me what to do to be healthy.  It's good cause I have to report to her and 24 other people my "points" every day. 
Oh man I just got super tired.  Maybe this wasn't the best little exercise.  For some reason I thought it would cooler.  Oh well.  Good night.  I sure love my family.  It's neat to be a mom.

no shirt no shoes no service

Oh and speaking of drowning - I should probably document this -

A nice four kid moment happened just the other day.  We've been potty training Maryanne and a few days ago she finally (emphasis on finally) reached a milestone and earned her long awaited tinkerbell shoes.  I was excited for her and piled all 4 kids in the van to go to the Disney store at the mall and get them for her.  We get there and I'm unloading the kids and go to hoist Lucy out and...wait for it...she's not wearing any pants!  I had asked her multiple times to get pants and shoes on and get in the van.  Well...she had shoes on.  I thought, hmmm my van is messy enough I'm sure there are pants in there somewhere.  I searched high and low and came up with only things for the top half, nothing for the bottom.  But there we all were  - standing in the parking lot staring at the mall. What was I to do?  Maryanne was so excited.  It wasn't her fault Lucy wasn't wearing pants.  So you know what I did?  I went to the Disney store with a no-pants Lucy...and just tried to act natural.  :-)  These are the days...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Frederick - 2 months

 2 months
Stats - Weight: 11.1 lbs 25% Height: (forgot the inches) 25%
This boy is a good sleeper.... a little TOO good.  He's definitely our skinniest baby.  It might be because of all the sleeping he's doing.  We've sort of worried about him being so small but at his 2 month appt the doc said he's not worried one bit and 11 lbs is fine at 2 months.  But Luke & Lucy were both 13 lbs 12 oz and Maryanne was 11 lbs 10 oz so I'm used to chubby babies.  But this little skin and bones sure is a delight.
2 month old Frederick
so...ready for a bunch of pictures of him in his first 2 months?  Ok, here we go...

First bath

First Smile - 
July 3, 2014 around lunchtime at Amanda Cremean's house with Marshae holding him.

First Selfie  :)

Baby Einstein
(after removing cradle cap)

one month --- 7/6


2 months


 Sibling interactions
The first clip of this video is our very first outing with all 4 kids. Frederick was crying and the kids started singing song to him.  Lucy wrote the song and Luke wrote the lyrics :)  
Then it's mostly just Maryanne doting on him.  From the stories I hear, she's similar to the 2 year old me doting on baby Sarah.  I couldn't get enough.

Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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