Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Sarah! (vol. 3)

July 19th would have been Sarah's 34th birthday.  This is one time of year I'm really happy that Facebook and Instagram exist.  I get to celebrate with Sarah's friends all over who appreciated her crazy antics and we can all remember her charisma and charm together.  Oh how I love my sister!!  And what better way to celebrate her than hear what everyone else loved about her too.  My family gathered at the Huntsville Cemetery with a few of her friends and shared some great Sarah stories.  Jenny took notes and shared them and that meant so much to me. 
A few of my favorites from the day were Jason Barrows facebook post of his favorite birthday gift from her of his very own Sarah shrine.  Only it was seriously the very ugliest pictures she could find with really, REALLY funny captions.  Oh, I'll post it here... 
 It's a bad copy but this cracks me up so much.

A few more gems from the day is Tiffany Sillitoes reminding me about "Sarah bonks".  Yeah, they were just bonks straight down on the top of your head with her fist.  And Heather Brown remembered how she would always say  "Where's my damn tiara!"

Here's the family at the cemetery right before the sprinklers went off.  :)  (can you turn sprinklers on from heaven - cause if so that is a pretty funny joke.)

Here in Tennessee we celebrated Sarah with the #nevergrowup theme of sugar cereal and barbies (explanation: here).

That afternoon we watched my wedding video of Sarah singing the song she wrote for Joey and me.  And then clips of her touching up my makeup before the reception and just being really funny. 

That night we watched "Grey Gardens" in her honor.  This was introduced to her by Justin Rhees just a few years ago and she had me watch clips of it with her in the hospital in New York.   This was her favorite part:

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just keep swimming

Back to Ms. Carolyn this year.  But this time with Lucy and Maryanne. 
It was supposed to be Luke and Lucy but Luke was off partying in Florida so I put Maryanne in his place.  I was glad because she is one who will just jump in the deep end and wait to be rescued.  Scary!  We had to pull her out of the pool 4 times the first couple weeks of summer.
She was a little young though I think.  I was surprised how scared she was.  And sad.  She was never traumatized by almost drowning but was very afraid of swim lessons.  hmmm.  There was a lot of crying the first 3 days and it broke my heart.  It's so unlike her.  But I would try to just hide behind plants and stuff so that she would just do it. :) 
By the last week she was doing everything with no crying and her bravery of water came in handy as her face was dunked over and over and it was no problem.

Lucy did great and in two weeks learned to swim!!


PS - bad idea to do swim lessons that are 30 minutes away every day for 2 weeks when your baby is one month old and doesn't like his car seat.  It was a painful 2 weeks. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Luke goes it alone

So... we sent our 6 year old son on an airplane by himself to meet up with his best friend at Disney World.  That's normal right?

It was a strange feeling to know he was flying alone - oh that I were a fly on the wall of that airplane and could watch how he was with no parents.  He seemed pretty confident and brave about it.

The story is that we had a free flight that was about to expire and we were tying to think of a way to use it.  I was having a baby, Joey needed to work - so next in line was Luke.  The flight wouldn't get him to Utah but it would get him to Aiden in TX and her birthday was coming up.  I talked to Lezlie about it and she was excited.  So, I booked him a flight to San Antonio, TX as a birthday surprise for Aiden.  Then I got an email that they had changed his itinerary.  He was going to have a layover in Atlanta!  I called the airline and explained that he was 6 and there is no way he can have a layover.  And they said all non-stop flights from Memphis to San Antonio had been cancelled.   The flight just didn't exist anymore.  When I told Lezlie the trip was off - she said that Aiden was actually doing a Disney soccer camp in July and why didn't I just fly Luke out to Orlando and meet up with their family to do the camp with Aiden and Disney World with their family!  Well, who is going to say no to that!

This is a picture of Aiden the night they told her that Lukey was going to soccer camp with her!!!  (Aiden still calls Luke Lukey - it's cute)

Here are a few snapshots of Luke having the time of his life.  I was clinging to every text and picture Lezlie sent that week.  I missed him so much but was happy he got to have this amazing adventure (while I relaxed at home with a newborn)

Meeting up at the airport

Soccer Camp!

 Luke and Aiden's team was Chile in the World Cup and they got all the way to the finals and just barely lost.  Came in 2nd overall.  (that morning at breakfast Luke said "I am going to get serious and win this thing"
 Luke and his coach Christina

 Disney World!!

 they loved mt. everest ride.  Luke with his yetti. (he's wearing Lezlie's sweatshirt cause he got drenched in the rain)  Aiden's grandma said he rode this ride with her and she thought - oh this is so scary for such a little boy!  and he looked at her and saw she looked worried and said "don't be scared, it'll be ok"  :)

This boy was pretty hammered when he got off the plane to come home.  When the Terrys play, they play hard.  Once I texted her saying "Oh, I was going to call Luke tonight but just realized it's an hour later there so he's probably asleep!"  (it was 10:00pm)  She texted back "asleep? uh... no - he's riding Splash Mountain for the 3rd time"  I think they got home that night at 12:30.  

I asked him what his favorite part of the whole trip was and he said "the first time I saw Aiden"

Monday, August 18, 2014

As American as Apple Pie

JULY 4, 2014
This year we needed to keep things low key since we had a not-quite-one-month old.  We did a one family parade down our street blasting some Neil Diamond "Coming to America", "Stars and Stripes Forever" marching music and "God Bless the USA"  We threw candy to any kids who happened to be outside and actually got about 8 or 9 kids who joined us on bikes and scooters.  It was funny.... and a  bit dorky. 

 Slip n' Slide

Chillin with our neighbs
Maraynne, Lacey, Dawson, Luke, David, Maggie Kate and Lucy
Swimming Party and Cookout at the Marshall's

playing catch with Penny


Hurray for Independence Day!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Frederick Nathan

[Frederick Nathan - Frederick after my paternal grandpa - Frederick Songer and also my dad's middle name and Nathan after Joey's paternal grandpa - Nathan Hale and also Joey's dad.  Things I remember about my grandpa Fred - he was a hard worker and appreciated the little he had.  And he was a good-natured husband and an awesome grandpa who let his grand-daughters brush and put all sorts of bows and clips in his hair.  Nathan Hale was a lot like Joey's dad - very mellow and humble and found joy in the success and happiness of others.]

June 6th Friday 2014 (journal entry)

Little Frederick Nathan was born into the world this morning at 5:04 am weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and is 20.5 inches long.  He's gorgeous.  He's got a head of shiny black hair and perfect red lips.  Oh, I'm so happy and just loving having a soft, warm, perfect newborn curled up on my chest.  We've been doing some nice mama/son bonding.  So, Wednesday night I started having contractions at 2:00 am.  They got strong and some were close together (like 3-4 mins) and I went for a walk around the neighborhood at like 3:30 am.  I was about to call Kate when they started getting further apart (around 4:30 am) and by 6 am they were about 30 mins apart.  Huh?!!  So confusing.  They lasted ALL DAY LONG on Thursday.  Most were 30 mins apart but some were 8 or 15 - just so random.  Joey stayed home from work thinking we'd probably go to the hospital.  Well, he actually just cleaned and cleaned all day.  I cleaned some too and by the time our kids went to bed - our house was sparkling clean.  It felt so good.  My parents were coming at midnight.  Around 9:00 pm the contractions came closer and harder and more consistent.  I timed them from 9:00 to 11:00 (I wanted to make sure)  So, just as we were about to pick up my parents from the airport - we had to leave instead to the hospital.  Allison Walker stayed with the kids and Kate went to pick up my parents.  So, we checked in to the hospital at exactly 12:00 midnight on 6/6 and were admitted.  I had a sweet nurse who totally babied me and called me hon, sweety and girl.  I was dilated to a 5 and they asked if and when I wanted the epidural.  Yes, and how about now?  At around 1:30 I got an epidural and oh. my. goodness. - it felt good.  My sleep deprived body that had been experiencing contractions for 24 hours got to completely relax.  My achy legs and whole body just felt awesome.  I just laid there and enjoyed the feeling of being relaxed and pain-free.  It really is amazing that they can do that.  I almost felt guilty after just reading a book about giving birth in the 1800s.  Dr. Long came in at 4:00 a.m. and I was at a 6. She broke my water and I could really feel the contractions through the epidural but it just felt like pressure.  It was building and building and at 4:40 the nurse asked if I was feeling pressure and I said - yes, A LOT.  She checked me and said "it's baby time!"   So I had gone from a 6 to a 10 in 40 minutes.  I started pushing about 4:45 and pushed for about 4 sessions of pushing and at 5:04 he was born!!  I can never get over a baby being born - its so very miraculous.  I felt a euphoria afterwards that I've heard of but never experienced.  I felt so extremely happy and so in love with this baby right away.  Everything went so well, I felt relieved and surprised that it was all over already and I had this perfect baby in my arms.   Then about an hour later I got up with the nurse to use the bathroom and I felt awful and dizzy and extremely tired like I couldn't hold myself up.  The next thing I knew I heard a new nurse's loud voice saying "Katie! Katie, are you with us?"  Two nurses were holding me sitting up and I was totally out of it.  I felt like I had been gone for a long time and then was waking up from a long dream.  I had fainted.  I've never fainted before - it was wild.  Joey was laughing at me later because I was like "Oh, I feel so awesome!  I feel so good!"  and then --- faint.  During my euphoria moment Joey was acting kinda subdued and quiet and I asked him if he was ok.  He said "I'm so worn out.  Just watching that took it all out of me."  The nurse listening chuckled and got a real kick out that.
Things are good.  Frederick looks cuter and cuter every hour.  Not nursing very well though. My parents and the kids are coming to meet him!!

First moments

Frederick's first visitors were Kate and four adoring cousins bearing gifts of yummy snacks, drinks and gum for baby's parents.  The Wilsons left that very day on their trip to Utah and somehow squeezed in time for a visit to the hospital.  We are so glad they did!!

Kate snapped a few precious, precious pictures of this baby - just a few hours old.... (after he had just gotten his bath and his hair did)

Next - Frederick meets siblings!!!

And Grandma and Grandpa!!!!



First Doctor Visit - 4 days old.  Gave a stellar performance for Dr. Owen.

It was wonderful having my mom and dad here for the first week.  They played with my kids and took care of meals and laundry while I enjoyed (and survived) the first week of having a newborn.  I'm so grateful to them for flying out and taking time away from their responsibilities to be here.  Oh and thanks to all you siblings who helped with Grandma Ferguson so they could come!

These are the kinds of meals I sat down to every night.  I loved being able to eat healthy - something my mom is good at and I am not.  They even brought Halibut from the Puget Sound.

 My dad took the kids to the Children's Museum and played with them a lot.  He also organized my whole garage (Ems you would be so proud)  and painted some more kitchen chairs (see G&G strike again post)

And he framed out the little window in the hideout and did lettering on the window and above the dutch door.  Now it's officially -- "the hidout".  I love it. 

 Maryanne saw him doing it and exclaimed "Oh gwampa it's puwfect!!!"

And that long long post is all about the week you got here dear "baby Fwedawick" (Maryanne).  We love you so much. welcome welcome to this crazy world little peanut. 

Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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