Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Small Fry Tri 2014

This year we had all 3 kids do the "Small Fry Tri" triathlon and it was pretty adorable.  It's fun to watch little kids get yelled at and cheered on by intense adults and watch them look around in bewilderment at what it all means. :)

This 2 year old finished.... dead last

4 year olds - run, bike, "swim"

 Cutest 4 year old!!  yay!!  .... also dead last :)
  (and just after she finished... got stung by a wasp.  
I think it got caught between her helmet strap and her chin.  
Poor girl. Brother comforts her.)

6 year olds -- run, bike, "swim"

And the kid with the dorky helmet comes in..... FIRST PLACE!!!!  wahoo!

last, last and first.  

At least we can say we don't have mediocre kids.

Monday, October 13, 2014

schoo schoo and poo poo

Back to Schoo schoo
and he's off to first grade!
Luke started school at the beginning of August.  Our neighborhood was actually rezoned with our new school district which means Luke is going to a different school for 1st grade. We had the option to transfer him back to Bon Lin where he went to Kindergarten and just provide our own transportation and actually most of our neighbors and his cousins did that.  We thought about it and thought about it and decided to send him to Rivercrest - a school that on paper doesn't score so well on but we feel like it's going to be good for Luke.  It has a wonderful staff and when we go there I get a good vibe and it seems like a loving environment.  Hopefully he'll have a good year. 
 I love this kid!  So, I've been tutoring and reading to his class every Monday and that has been really good to be at the school and so far it seems really good.  One thing I like is that for conduct he starts on a G every day and has the option of moving up and so even if he makes a mistake - he can work hard to move his clip back up.  Seems to work better for him.  Also first grade is awesome cause he actually gets graded papers and tests sent home so I can praise him for scholastic stuff and he's realizing there is more to school than just conduct.  And he's feeling more confident and successful.

Luke - beginning of 1st grade video
I couldn't get him to do an interview but here's a few clips:  a song from school about decomposing words, reading Ningago with Jane and doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.
Lukebeginningof1stgrade from katiehale on Vimeo.

Lucy!!  She started Bolton Pre-K with Ms. Amber last month.  We have an awesome carpool with her cousin Emme and a new friend Bennett - so I only have to drive once a week!

What do you think - does she like to pose for the camera?

YEE-HAW!!  She and Bennett on cowboy day

Lucy - beginning of pre-school interview video

And sweet Maryanne and potty training... where to start.  I usually I do a little potty training write up after I'm done on the blog of how it went etc.  I never wrote one because ---- well, it wasn't ever done.  I started the first Saturday of August and am just now.... in mid OCTOBER - feeling like things might, just might, be ok.  So much was just the circumstances - like me.  I was pulled in too many directions this time and had a harder time focusing on just her.  I started when Freddy was only 2 months old and school was starting for Luke and Maryanne was only 2 years and 4 months - the youngest of my kids to start.  So..poor Maryanne.  She has had a rough couple of month with whininess and new little tantrums too.  I really hope that this whole experience didn't scar her for life and that the new behavior is just a two and a half year old thing and not a product of potty training.   She's such a sweetie - truly.  There were a few dark moments though where I was calm on the outside but screaming "why is this my life!?!" on the inside as I cleaned up accidents....and more accidents.  But by jove I think she's got it!!

 The exciting first day (8/2)...

After going 10 times on the potty - she got her barbie princess dress. (8/5)

And after going poopoos in the potty 3 times - she got her long-awaited Tinkerbell shoes!!
The Disney employee was so cute and gave her a special potty training certificate from Mickey.  That was one happy girl.  (9/11)

and she's only had maybe 2 major accidents since then.  So - I guess it just seemed more stressful because of all the other stuff added to it.  She really did great.  And I just hope that sentence can stay past tense. :)

Maryanne video -
 singing 4 songs and a bonus bridezilla meltdown - a clip I will totally have to play for her on her wedding day. :)

And don't forget about Freddyboy's social education.  Here he is kickin it with coolkid Remmington Thomas on his first playdate. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

the haps

Just a bunch of random happenings around here.

Best lawn guy ever - our friend Buzz - gives kids rides (fast ones) every time he comes

 At the end of June - Lucy got a new bed and moved into Maryanne's room

The other night I went in to check on them thinking they'd be sleeping and found this..
They had promised to stay in their beds.  So they kept one toe on their mattresses but wanted to hold hands. :)

My first outing with all kids was July 3rd to the Collierville Sprinkler park
Luckily there were baby-holding friends there and so it went pretty well.

One day back in July - I came upon this scene of a dutiful cousin pulling a lady of luxury in her homemade chariot...

said lady of luxury

 A day in August at Ellendale park finding adorable tiny frogs (Josh)

And beautiful moths.  We love that park - the kids leave with creatures and rocks in their pockets and a nice layer of dirt on their faces.

this has been happening a lot at our house.  finding long blankets to be our Rapunzel braids and brush them while singing - "brush and brush and brush and brush my hair... when will my life begin..."

The last 4 Saturdays Joey (following the example of his wise older brother Mike) has been attending Zumba with his wife.  Our favorite day was an all 80's music day - yeah, we totally rocked it.  Such a fun and healthier date than eating out. 
and our sitter for our new dates? This beautiful and responsible young lady.  She can do more than Joey and I combined.  She's amazing.

Lucy snapped this the other day. 

Some exciting news about LUKE - he's a cub scout!!  The scouts came to his school and showed his class pictures of people shooting bows and arrows, kayaking, rock climbing and camping and they said "hey kids - you want to do this!?"  Luke was like "heck yes I do!"
So, being a scout was instantly his new passion.  The first couple meetings have been a lot of intro and paperwork but surprisingly his excitement hasn't fizzled. (mine has).  He's memorizing scout oaths, mottos and handshakes and loving it.
(nothing is cuter than little six year old boys clamoring around in little tiger cub uniforms.  oh my goodness.)

This pic was back in may - but Luke loves nothing more than camping with his dad.  This is a fathers/son outing.  I asked him if he'd rather camp with dad or go to Disney World and he thought and thought and said - it's a tie.  I love them both.

Luke also just lost his first tooth!!  My FIRST kid lost his FIRST tooth.  September 20th at 12:20.  He was so happy. We've been in the tooth business but we're new to the tooth fairy business.

 The haps on LUCE
Lucy had her school shots and check-up a few weeks ago
She's 37.5 lbs  (50%) and 40.5 inches tall (30%)
She was so, so, SO brave with her shots.  She got THREE shots and barely flinched.  The nurse said she doesn't see that very often. I was a proud mama bear. 
Lucy has been a really good helper with Frederick too.

Lucy got a music education from cousin Mason who visited before flying to Harvard to start college.  She kept saying - oh, this is soooo beautiful as he played her new tracks on his phone.  It was so fun to have Mason.  But also strange that this bearded man in my house was my little nephew Mason.  I had him sing for us - he's still got it.  We got to spend a lot of time with them when we lived in Maryland and they lived in VA.  Let's see - that was when he was 8 to 12.  That is weird to think he wasn't much older than Luke when we moved there. 

Family Home Evening on Temple marriage.  Luke and Lucy building a temple and Maryanne got more excited about the idea of wearing a veil and carrying flowers.  She spent the rest of the night planning her wedding.  She would say "you come to my wedding mommy?"   It was cute until things didn't go her way and she turned into a bridezilla.  Oh dear.

sprinklers and popsicles - the life of a kid huh?

A week ago - most of our streets looked like this.  Crazy flash floods.  Joey almost lost the car.  He took this pic on the way to work.

I kept Luke home from school. They played in the rushing gutters and then... we went to the mall  (the fateful no-pants Lucy trip)

The age old question of why do some have so many when others have so few.  (I think Lucy is wearing 5 tutus)

And .... that's all the random photos I have for this evening.  :)

Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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