Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lucy turns 5!

The Party
Lucy asked for a summer swimming party.  I told her that might be a little hard in the middle of January.  There was talk of space heaters, bringing a load of sand in a big box for the building sand castles and filling up our big bathtub for a "swim".  But then we thought of a much simpler solution - a swim party at the Bartlett Rec Center.   It was free and easy and best of all our house stayed a house and not a beach. phew.
ready to party summer-style

Not quite summer though - Jane tried to stay warm by wearing Joey's wetsuit shirt -- hee!

Josh and Grandma Katie

 Afterwards Lucy and I went to pick up her cake from The Cookie Store and met everyone at the best place to have an after party party - Taco Bell.    This is a girl who knows what she wants and she gave very detailed instruction for the guy frosting her cookie cake.   "I want thewe to be sand with people laying on towels and then the other pawrt watew with somebody floating on a floaty and it to say happy birthday Lucy"....  

thought it turned out perfect... except those darn europeans. :)

The bike
Lucy got a balance bike for Christmas which gave her almost a month to practice on that before her birthday present of a big bike!!  A couple days before her birthday - Joey taught her how to ride a bike and she learned in seconds because she'd been practicing on the balance bike.  (Joey said he bought that balance bike to save his back. :)  Also, Grandma Songer got her a basket and a bell that says "I love my bike"  When she got it she said "What?! But I really DO love my bike!!!"   It was so exciting to see her do this.  She has been asking to ride just about every day since.

The Day
Had some Frozen birthday cereal - a delicious part of a complete breakfast.  And she's off  to school as an official 5 year old. 
 I brought cupcakes to her class and then took the 3 musketeers to get happy meals and play at a park. 

ah, look at that pretty hair in the sunlight... but don't get too attached....
 The 3 musketeers turned to 4 musketeers because their friend Piper from their class just happened to be there!!  More cupcakes at the park and then Piper got to come back home with us to play.  (Her first time EVER being left by a parent or grandparent.... no pressure!  But we returned her in one piece) 

 The Date(s)
I'm kinda embarrassed about how spoiled she was cause she somehow managed to basically get 3 birthday dates out of us!!  She went on a special Daddy/Daughter Date, a trip to the Salon with mom ... but reminded us that a birthday date is supposed to be with a mom AND dad and that we promised we would take her roller skating.  Oh boy. 

--Daddy/Daughter Dance

all ready 
 Joey and his miniature female version

The official dance picture

Joey said Lucy was in heaven and didn't want to stop dancing.   His recap went something like this: gross freezer food (kid food), pink everything for dessert, disco lights spinning around, all the girls were smiling, little girl music, girls-only dance to girls just wanna have fun and Lucy literally danced until she dropped.  (Joey has fancy long stemmed sucker in his mouth - in case you were wondering)

---The Salon

 "Like she just stepped out of a salon...."

Our before and afters  -- (the after was our rollerskating date)

birthday video clips
rollerskating, dancing at the salon, singing to herself 

Phew!!  That was the longest darn birthday post ever.   
I'm about as tuckered out as this little girl

Lucy - you are amazing.  You have so many talents and strengths that I don't.  Like I love how opinionated you are.  And how artistic and creative you are.  It's fun to be your mom and have you choose stuff for me and boss me around.  But sometimes it's hard because I AM the mom you know.  But please bless we'll be friends forever.  You are so so funny.  And I like funny.  

Happy 5 my dear!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas 2014

It's the hap-happiest season of ALL...
 there's ornament gazing and cookies for glazing and sleeping neath trees all a glow.  There's Christmas clothes wearing and Christmas card bearing and Bethlehem long time ago.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.  with christmas eve jammies and kid-playing debbies and gifts bringing CHEER.  It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

Ornament gazing

 and cookies for glazing and sleeping neath trees all a glow
Christmas eve eve eve family sleepover - frosted cookies & watched Frosty the Snowman

Christmas clothes wearing
My kids rarely look assembled for church - let alone match.  It had to be documented. 


Window down on the way home from church

  and Christmas card bearing
Lucy was my buddy this year and decorated the fronts of the letters. And loved stamping and mailing them.  Our heat was out and one of my favorite moments was an entire evening doing holiday cards in front of the fire with my Lucyloo.

and Bethlehem a long time ago
A kate-planned ward activity (you know those are the best kind)  A Night in Bethlehem.  It was a very special, spiritual evening.

christmas eve jammies
my mom sent us pajamas for the kids

sisters wearing sisters

kid-playing debbie
So, one of the fun things this Christmas was we had Sister Long stay with us for a little while.  She was so fun with my kids.  And we got along great.  We had a few moments where we realized we were kindred spirits.  One of them was when we were talking about the weather and how it was supposed to be sunny that day but maybe it would be tomorrow and at the exact same moment both belted out Annie "the sun will come out tomorrow!"

playing puppets with Maryanne

gifts bringing CHEER 
 my favorite moments Christmas morning: 

-- Jingle Bell march 
(marching around following daddy to every corner of the house before opening presents)

-- Joey's excitement over his taco bell phone case.  :)

--joey showing sister long the ropes on her new tablet

--Luke bought me a ring from his school store with his own money.  So so sweet.

--watching Lucy on her new balance bike

--Maryanne totally Elsa-ed up

--Freddy in his one and only Christmas present.  A homemade hat from his dear cousins Meredith and Chloe.   --and Lucy with the new magna-tiles

 a little clip of christmas morning

 And keeping with tradition - we saw a movie Christmas night.  I feel like some of the best movies are our Christmas movies.  We saw Frozen last year and Les Miserables the year before that.  This year we saw ...

The movie and Christmas 2014 get two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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