Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Break - Branson

Branson, MO 
the place you go if you're super old or have a bunch of little kids  

Hiking in the Ozarks
take this "hike" for example -- you get to see all the wonders and beauties of the Ozarks - the forests, waterfalls, caves --- all from the comfort of this:

That's right - they paved paths and built huge bridges so you don't have to take a single step.  This among other things cater to the mobily challenged.  It's kinda awesome.

 We'd just stop along the way to smell the roses....and climb the rocks.


Because we agreed to listen to a 2 hour spiel about timeshares - we got a smokin' deal on a 3-bedroom, fancy condo.  So we spent the entire week just hanging out, watching conference, swimming, playing the clubhouse Wii, pool, mini golf, indoor tennis and basketball and of course our timed playground obstacle course competition.  The Wilsons (sans Caleb) and the Cremeans (sans Drew) joined us for part of the week.

Sunday conference

mini golf


And our most exciting adventure was the amusement park SILVER DOLLAR CITY!

This is how Maryanne felt about most of the rides (scared)

except this one...

I think these two rode this butterfly ride like 7 times.  These have controls that lets them go way up and then back down.  They always chose the pink butterflies to ride in until once all the butterflies were taken and so they rode a caterpillar.  Lucy didn't ever push the button to go up so they just stayed on the the ground while everyone else was going up and down.  I asked Lucy why she didn't make hers go up and she said "because mom - caterpillars can't fly!"  Oh right.


Luke loved this ride.  He didn't even have to ride it to love it.  You shoot water FROM the boat AND there are guns on the side aimed AT the boat.  So, he got soaked on and off the ride.  Something about Luke - he can dish it out and he sure can take it too.  He doesn't back down even when he is getting pelted in the face with water.  

My favorite rides I think were the Outlaw Run roller coaster and the Barn Swing.... and I actually quite enjoyed the Happy Frogs :)


 I would guess that Luke's was the Electro Spin.  And I know Joey loved the Wildfire roller coaster, but his favorite ride was the Giant Barn Swing.

log flume

And on this very day - this girl (my niece Malan) turned 10!!   Birthday girl with her cookies and cream funnel cake.

She's a dare devil and rode all the scariest rides and screamed a lot less than I did.

Our "new" garage sale stroller has a nice cargo area in the bottom.

Our last night there Amanda and I went on a date while Joey watched the kids.  We drove into downtown Branson and ate at a local place that definitely had just the kind of hometown country ambiance we were looking for.  We were the only ones without a huge silver bucket of seafood.

That was Branson: the wholesome family entertainment capital of America.   This family was wholesomely entertained.  Thanks Branson. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

halloween 2014

We will we will ROCK you

our first event of this very eventful Halloween was the Lausanne Halloween Carnival at our neighbor Josh's "big school".  Joey, Luke and Lucy were camping with the scouts so the 3 of us went together as 80's rockers.  (frederick has a teeny-tiny mohawk)

Lausanne is a fancy private school and they put on a fabulous carnival!  All the classic booths with some added bonus ones like pony rides, fortune telling, bounce house, live band etc.

#2 - Priddy Farms Pumpkin Patch

my new favorite family - the Schwartz family! (well, 3 of them anyway)

 we found the best pumpkin!

jack-o'-lantern making...

 pssst - casey and edith - do you like our awesome canvas pictures on the wall?  best pixie present!!

 #3 - Halloween Kid's Bookclub....  a serious Mermaid, a Chili Pepper and a Fairy

#4 - Ward Trunk or Treat

grim reaper, mummy, skeleton, mavis (from hotel transylvania) and her dad dracula and a dead bride

give me pouty.... ok... now scary.... good job dead bride.

 I found this hottie at the party.  That's her mom's animal-print jumpsuit.  totes adorbs.

some more of my faves.  The Thomas fam as characters from Wreck-it Ralph: Fix-it Felix, Sgt. Calhoun, Vanellope Von Schweetz and Wreck-it Ralph.  All homemade costumes. (Later Ralph actually got a gold medal for winning the chili cook-off - which made his costume even better!) 
And then Candice (who always does something cool) - as the big bad wolf with her little red riding hood

just being a mummy.... trying to get the little skeleton to go to sleep

#5 - Lucy's Preschool Dress-ups

D is for Disney 
(regular friday alphabet dress-up)

Halloween Dress-up
These snow princesses and shark are ready for Halloween parade through the high school.  (their preschool is at the local high school)   That shark is killing it. :)

 Lucy's Preschool Halloween party
 Lucy decorated her pumpkin... like a ghost.   Skeleton Freddy. Thanks Aunt Kate for sewing on the bowtie.  Keeping Frederick classy.

And finally --- after all that ---- actual Halloween.  
Where I took one solitary picture....(one solitary, spooky, stripey picture).
At Halloween Cove.
It was a fun but cold night.  We only lasted about 45 minutes.


Every story has a beginning...

Joey and Katie first met in Mr. Hawkes 3rd grade class at Valley Elementary. They became good friends in Jr. High and best friends in High School. Katie wrote to Joey on his mission in Tiajuana and Joey wrote to Katie later on her mission in Tokyo. Years later at the ripe old age of 25, these best friends finally fell in love... or maybe just realized they were already in love. They got married on January 22, 2004.

happy kids

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