Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First day of the rest of your life

Oh my goodness.  My first child had his first day of kindergarten today!!  You know, up until now people keep telling me how fast my kids will grow up and they will be 25 before I know it.  And I keep thinking "they aren't really growing that fast.  I feel like I've been doing babies and toddlers for a LONG time and am still doing it."  With 3 kids at home for the past year and a half I was also thinking "Oh school will be so good for Luke and so good for me to focus on my girls and give them a little more attention."  But man oh man - I was surprised how empty I felt walking out to my car after dropping him off.  I just kept thinking "how can I stop this!  My buddy that has been with me since I started this motherhood journey is going to be gone!  ALL day!  And I'm not going to be the main adult in his life anymore.  Is he ready for that?  To be out on his own?"  And all of a sudden that 5 1/2 years DID seem to have gone fast.  really fast.  There was a little ache in my heart in the middle of all that excitement that brought some real tears and kept them coming until I picked up my girls.  I will miss that Luke but I'm also so excited for his new adventures.  I feel proud and anxious and hopeful.   It's that feeling that comes with a big change.  And I know that I am standing on the threshold of a new stage of life - school kids.  And all the challenges and joys that come with it.

3 Hale-ians - day before school.  Sunday, August 04, 2013

So, on back-to-school eve I thought we should have a special dinner just for Luke.  The only problem with that is Luke doesn't like dinner.  Or food in general.  But I gave it a try and told him it was his special last night before school and that he could pick whatever dinner he wanted.  He picked... cookies.  Well, I could make him cookies for after dinner but I told him he needed to pick a real dinner.  His next pick was ... pie.  Again, Luke - real dinner food.  I said, well there is a real dinner that is pie.  It's called chicken pot pie.  And he said "yeah! yeah! chicken pot pie!"   I was skeptical that he would really eat it but thought at least it would be a fun activity on his special night.  So Luke and Lucy and I made pie.  Lucy rolled out the bottom and Luke rolled out the top and I made the filling.  (which was only chicken, carrots and gravy.  Luke's orders)

Well, wonder of wonders - Luke loved it!  He ate TWO big pieces and even closed his eyes with a "mmmm" on each bite.  I was so happy.

Then we did interviews, a haircut, made cookies, had a father's blessing and a family wrestle.

mustache kids waiting for the feast

1.  Luke and his chicken pot pie   2. Luke with a new haircut and a daddy-made chocolate chip cookie

Interview with Luke

Interview with Lucy


So this is where I said good-bye and he was as happy as could be.  It was so fun to see him being so friendly and excited to be there.  And then, aforementioned, I drove home and cried like a baby.  Then I had to wait until 4:30 to hear about his day!   He was so excited about the bus that of course he begged to ride it home.  I left my house 15 minutes early with L&M to go and wait for him on the corner.  But right when I got out of my door - I saw the bus pulling away!  HIS bus!  But they were 15 min early and there was no Luke!   Then we (my neighbor and I) saw some little boys walking from far away and when they got to us they said they were lost!  They didn't know where their house was.  Luckily they knew their phone number and we called their dad and he came out and got them.  They were only 2nd graders and got off at the wrong stop!  Then, I am thinking "Oh no!  Luke is wandering around the neighborhood somewhere lost and scared!!!"  My neighbor offered to drive around and look for him.  But the bus came around just as he backed out, he flagged it down and got Luke off.  So I never got to talk to the bus driver.  It wasn't the best first day experience for me and sort of freaked me out.  But as Luke got off the bus he was grinning from ear to ear and ran and hugged me and said "Mom! I was right!  The bus IS the best thing about school!"  It was so cute.

He had a good day.  He came home talking about "Pete the Cat" and singing "going to lunch with my school shoes on!" - new things he had learned at school.   I think it's healthy for kids to go off to school and do their book learnin.   And even though I missed him sooooo much, the ache felt a little bit good.  I guess my heart grew a little fonder today.


kate said...

ahhhh. such a tender post. i thought so many things about it: how much your kids all look alike! and how cute they all are. loved lucy talking about going to see Heavenly Father with olivia, but i'm glad it's going to take a long time. :) luke really does look like he's in his element at school, i think he's going to do so great. it is such a time of mixed feelings. so happy and excited for their new adventure, so sad to not be able to be there and see it all. how i wish i could be a fly on the wall at school sometimes. but it is always awesome to be able to go in and volunteer and see them in their own little world. hard, but good. they learn so much from being away besides just book stuff. :)

Sarah C. said...

You're at the beginning and I'm at the end! Trace had his Kindergarten assessment yesterday. I wonder what it's going to feel like sending off my last. I still miss living near you guys and having Luke and Trace play. The Bus was Talmage's favorite part of school, too. But I hated the bus because it added 2 hours of separation. But I did love have boys dropped at my doorstep and not having to wait an hour in the carpool line. Oh there were so many times Talmage forgot to get off the bus, it stressed me out! I had to run after that bus so many times!

Barowdwngs said...

Ronin, with all his Daycare, probably won't blink an eye when he goes to kindergarten, and with all of the Granny B pink cookies we bribe him with he knows where home is based on which gas station he's closest to. Proper parenting goes a long way. Thanks for the post.

Patricia said...

Wow, this blog brings back SO many memories! Lots of emotion with the first child and the last, because it does change your life! I remember Casey packing for his first year at BYU. When Kyle Frank came to pick him up, I started to say "I remember just a few years ago, you were headed out for your first day at Kindergarten" That's all it took for me to burst into tears. With a puzzled look on his face, Casey said "Mom, are you going to be all right?" Kyle's expression said "Oh, I'm glad my mom didn't make a scene" A few days later, Linda Frank and I drove to Provo for a parent orientation. (and to drop off some things the boys forgot). As soon as Linda saw the dorm the boys lived in, she started to sob.

I love the picture of Luke 'rocking out' in the school parking lot. I imagined him singing like Elvis "You can do anything, but stay off of my blue suede shoes"

Jenny said...

I remember all the emotions when Andrew left. Sigh...It's really such a big change. Luke is adorable. And will love school I think. And you will love that girl time.

Rachel said...

Your kids look like they have as much personality as you two big Hale-ians. ;) How fun to live in your house. Love those mustache glasses. Where did you get those?!

Marie said...

Love the pictures of your kiddos together!! They are growing up!! Luke totally looks so big. I am glad he likes school. Love the interviews so priceless.

Annie P. said...

Oooooh . . . Luke's video is precocious and ADORABLE. My favorite bit is definitely that power rangers is his favorite show despite never having seen it.

eyepill said...

Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes!!

Lindsay said...

Oh, man, I got totally teary eyed reading that post. Luke looks so happy. I think you're such a good mom. Homemade chicken pot pie- brilliant idea. And homemade cookies all on the same day. Fancy cookin'.

Love the vibrant colors in the pics of your kids. Maryanne has grown up so much in the last couple months. Cute, cute kids! Love that Lucy!!

I miss you guys! Part of me can't believe Luke is in REAL school now. Because that means Willa will be there next year. I hope I can document my feelings about her first day as well as you did with Luke's.

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