Monday, March 24, 2014

Maryanne turns TWO!

The pinkest girl in town is now a 2 year old!
all ready for church in birthday clothes and jewelry from Grandma S.

Maryanne is pretty much in love with the color pink (but I think she likes it more than just a color - things are pretty serious) and so we decided to do a "pink party" to celebrate her TWO years!  We filled the ceiling with pink balloons and plastered everything else in the house with pink.  She was so excited running around pointing to everything and saying "pink!"   And most of the party guests wore pink. (I wish I had a pic of Kate in her pink sweats, socks and sparkly headband - pink from head to toe)  We basically just played games (red rover, duck duck goose and ring around the rosy) and then played outside.  


 Red Rover, Red Rover

Send Maryanne right over

a few presents were this homemade crown and apron from Aunt Kate
and I wish I had it on camera - her reaction when she opened this doll Grandma Hale sent! 

Time for cake!

Couldn't quite get that second candle!...ok, there we go.


and for posterity - a 2 year old video
> from katiehale">katiehale> on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

A few words about Maryanne at TWO.
- She's extremely independent and brave.  She will play on her own at a playground and try hard things and not be afraid.  (so much so that she fell off the Wilson's playhouse and got a nice shiner)
- She's fascinated with "bad guys".  "badguy" was among her earliest vocabulary and she'd refer to Luke's shows, any intense music, thunder, or just random people at the grocery store as "badguy!"
- She's very in tune with her feelings.  She expresses when she's "scowed" or "mad" or "sad".
- She still loves dogs with all her little girl heart.  And it's almost to the point where her love is overriding her fear.  Now instead of just being extremely excited to see and talk about them - she actually pets them.
-  And obviously she is a little bit obsessed with the color pink.  None of my kids have been like this and it was really cute for a while.  But now, she walks around all day saying "I want the pink one!" whether it's a crayon, a plate, a toy, a blanket, a cup, candy, or clothes.  I'm trying hard to open her eyes to other colors.  Especially since she has a closet full of cute dresses and only 2 or 3 "pink ones".
- She's very outgoing and loving.  Her favorite people in the world are Uncle Caleb, Aunt Kate and the cousins.  But she loves Amanda and Marie and Grandma and many, many other people.
- Speaking of loving - I love that she's free with her hugs and kisses.  She's loves to be squeezed tight and snuggle.
- She's really into her looks. :)  She loves to wear pretty things and to have her hair done and put make-up on and dance pretty and sing.  She also loves to brush other people's hair.  She gets this funny look on her face when she thinks she's really pretty.  Like she closes her eyes half-way and sort of moves in slow motion.
-  I'm sorry to say that we couldn't hack the no binky thing.  (see 18 month post)  It lasted about a month and a half and those were a miserable 45 days.  We now give it to her just for naps and night time and it makes life so wonderful.  The minute you mention her binky - she RUNS to her bed and is more than happy to get in and go to sleep.
- And like every other girl in the country she's obsessed with Frozen.   Another - that-used-to-be-cute thing and now she begs for Let it Go every day.  And interestingly enough - the song "Popular" from Wicked (she must somehow sense that the girl singing is wearing a big fluffy pink dress).  In the car - it's "popala" and in the house it's "yetitgo!"
- She really is a delight.  Joey and I are thoroughly entertained by her and often comment on what a truly enjoyable girl she is.  


kate said...

heee!!! she thinks of pink as more than a color!! bahhh!! i'd say they're eternal companions at this point. oh how we love our joyful, smiley, cheery, funny, sing-y, PINK Maryanne!! we (emme and i) loved the movie so much, so glad i don't have to wait til it's on dvd to watch it over and over. it was the best pink party ever, and you are the best mom. you are so good at knowing your kids and working so hard to help them feel special and loved.

Hannah said...

What a sweetheart! We need to come visit again before your cute kids keep growing up!

Alicia said...

I loved how you asked her questions and she said "Pink!" for all the answers. So cute!

Sarah C. said...

I had to watch the interview twice. She is so beguiling with that olive skin, curls and dimples.

Phillip Hale said...

Love, love, love our Maryanne, age 2.

Phillip Hale said...

and every one of her siblings and cousins!

Marie said...

She is such a cutie pie!!! I do so love that girl, and one of these joyschool days, I'm just not gonna give her back ;) I love that she is so in love with pink. And I love that Luke was a non-conformist at her pink party :)

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