Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break and other stuff

Botanic Gardens

Once Upon a Farm (Zoo)

Chalk Festival

 Overton Park

Spring Swinging
Nest Playground at Shelby Farms

St. Patrick's Day sugar

"Ice Break"
Oh and I forgot that before Spring Break - we got "Ice Break" - which was major ice storms and kids got like 3 or 4 days of school cancelled the week before they got an entire week off.  So, that was fun.  Mostly it was much too cold and slippery to play outside but they attempted it a few times.

 Luke's Fun Run

 his cheerleaders
 he ran 32 laps!  thanks everyone who supported him!
and a lastly a bonus Complaint section:
So, that was a few fun weeks in March.  April - April, however, is a different story.  I was sick for the first 12 days of April.  On top of being sick I have done something to my lower back that makes me hobble around like a 90 year old lady.  Now, all three kids have been sick with multiple afflictions - diarrhea, throwing-up, fevers, wet coughs and colds and now to top it all off - pink eye!!   Joey is now super sick and totally wiped out.   So my nights consist of waking up every few hours to a crying child and hobbling across the house to comfort them, give them medicine or clean up their throw-up.  The other night just as I was lifting Lucy off the top bunk she threw up all down the front of me - it was awesome.  All three kids wake up every morning blind and scared, unable to open their eyes because they are glued shut with the pink eye goo.  And since this IS the complaint section - on top of being huge, walking in pain and taking care of sick kids for weeks - I also have extremely itchy feet and hands.  I guess that is some sort of pregnancy symptom that I've never experienced before.  At least we can commiserate with the Wilsons who are also sick.  Kate and I call each other every morning with updates on who puked in the night and who now has fevers.  I don't know what hit us - and I guess it's multiple things and they are all doozies.
This is about how we are all feeling right now...
eyes glued shut

But let's just enjoy those nice spring break pictures from last month huh?


edith said...

Oh, I feel for you with that eyes-glued-shut thing. Luckily Anderson didn't hurt himself thrashing around while screaming--"I'm blind!" That was a few years back. Good times.
And oh, those throw-up nights . . !
But yeah, nice spring break pictures! Hang in there!

Patricia said...

NO FAIR having sicky fevery throw-up kids AND a sick husband! . . . AND pregnant with severe back pain, itchy hands and feet, etc.!!! All I can say is . . . it's a good thing you documented it. In the future, when you have a bad week, you can always look back and say "At least it's not as bad as April 2014!"

Love the pictures of all the fun outdoor stuff!!!

kate said...

oh how heavenly was spring break? we really needed all that good in our happy bank before april hit us. it was really super nice of you not to say who got you sick with all 5 or 10 of those viruses. if i find out who it was i'll punch em in the face for ya. loved all the happy beautiful pictures and laughed so hard when you texted me that pic of maryanne. if i didn't laugh, i would cry. oh please bless the hard times are over!

olderockhouse said...

Oh my goodness, oh my GOODNESS!!! That is awful. Throwing up on you and everything else, blech! I wish I was there to help you through it! I have a really good immune system now since the kids use to make me so sick and I think I could get through it.... I think. I'm so sad for the lot of you Hale's and Wilson's. Sending love, prayers and good vibes your way.

Sarah C. said...

I'm so sorry! I thought you were amazing lugging all those kids around Utah, now add tons of sickness on top of that. I remember being sick a lot in Memphis--including 11 days of pink eye that felt like an eternity. We (knock on wood!) have been so much healthier hese last two years. I think it's becaue the boys have been through it all. It really does get easier! So happy for your up and coming young one!

Amanda and Drew said...

I feel so super guilty for avoiding you guys... what a lame friend I am. I thought you would be on the better -ish end of things by now, but I wanted to give you time to fully recouperate. If I'd known you were still in the trenches... tomorrow I'm coming to take care of you!!

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