Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Growing up, our mom kept us pretty healthy and we didn't see a lot of sugar.  So, it was a big deal on our birthday because we got to choose one box of any kind of cereal we wanted to share with the rest of the family for breakfast that morning.  Since there were 6 kids - that means we got to eat sugar cereal 6 times a year.  And those were special mornings indeed.  I remember being especially fond of Golden Grahams and also Lucky Charms.

When Sarah and I went to college and realized we could eat whatever we wanted - sugar cereal was one of our staples.  But we were poor, of course, so only bought the generic brands.   Our favorite (and we would jump up and down and sort of cheer when we said it) was "marshmellow! maties!" 

Sarah and I also had quite a fondness for Barbies.  We played with them until we were far too old.  I even own Sarah's framed Barbie cards from her house that she had hung up.... yes, as a grown up.   As tweenagers - we were clinging to our childhood and promised each other that we would never be mature.  And the worst and most hurtful thing one of us could say to the other was "You are being so mature!"

6 years ago today - I was in the same state with Sarah for her birthday.  And I found the best thing ever for her birthday present at a grocery store - Barbie cereal!   Our two loves!  We had the funnest day - she opened presents and then we made a water slide down at the lake and spent the day together as a family.  Here is Sarah on her 27th birthday....

Sarah with her friends Rachel and Chanar

the water slide!

Sarah's birthday hot rock spa treatment by some of the best

That night we went to the Mandarin where I met Shaun for the first time.

So today is July 19th - Sarah Songer Smith's birthday.  I woke up and took my kids straight to the grocery store and let them pick out their favorite sugar cereal.  It was fun to once again walk the huge isle of cereal looking for the one that most resembled candy. :)   On the way to the store we sang happy birthday and Luke was being creative with ways we could get a birthday cake to heaven.

We also found Birthday Barbies - perfect!  so of course we had to buy one.  

Luke and Lucy kept saying "I love Sarah's birthday!"  Which made me so happy.  
So today resembled her 27th birthday.  With barbies, sugar cereal and my whole family got together and built a water slide and played all day.

We all miss Sarah so much.  It's fun that we can still feel her energy and passion and she can bring such beauty and light to our lives.  Happy birthday sis!  I found a special video that I know you would love!


kate said...

oh, that looks like the most birthdayest cereal ever! and that video, my oh my. what part of a nutritious breakfast is that? the part before you eat the nutritious breakfast? but oh, what a happy tradition, and what a wonderful way to help your kids continue to make happy memories of aunt sarah. she was so full of fun and joy.

kate said...

p.s. how happy are your kids faces? it kills me!

Sarah C. said...

Thanks for helping all of us know Sarah. I was in Huntsville last night and the Harris and Songer Girls came over to the McKays after the waterslide for Brigham's pool party. I can't believe how much those Harris girls have grown since Sarah's 27th! Remembering her like this makes in not seem as big a gap until you'll see her again.

AmandaAdora said...

Katie, I just have to tell you that I love you so so much and you really amaze me. You have magical mom skills! And, I have some really great sisters - but I sure wish you had been one of them.

Jenny said...

This is awesome! What a great tradition!

Josie said...


Marie said...

You are amazing. What a great way to celebrate your sister. Your kids are too cute for words. SO glad I get to do preschool with that Lucy girl again.

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