Saturday, December 8, 2012

what happens when joey puts the kids to bed

so tonight i asked joey to put the kids to bed.  and somehow, i am now alone and joey and my kids are sleeping in the loft in the shed!  not sure what happened there.  i was working on christmas cards and hear some talk of camping and next thing i know there is a fire in our back yard and the kids are running around in their pjs squealing and screaming how this is going to be the best camp out ever!   Luke wanted to run over and invite the neighbors to come and toast marshmallows.  He opened our door and said, "oh it's too dark.  i'm scared."  I said, "yeah you don't need to go." (i'm thinking it's late anyway and that seemed a little crazy) then he paused, closed his eyes and said with resolve "be brave. be brave. there is no such thing as monsters."  and took off out the door. :)  And they were still up so they joined us for a few minutes.

 Amanda said as she was leaving "thank you for having us"  and Luke not wanting them to leave yelled "we're still having you!" 

to bed in a shed


this would not be a good night for them to start sleepwalking

so today luke came home from preschool and sang me a song he had learned about christmas.  one that i've never heard before.  he sang it all day.  it was exciting to me to hear him sing something i didn't know.   it just makes him so his own little person.  it used to be that basically everything he knew was something joey or i taught him.  it's kinda fun.  

so here are a few videos from tonight:

campfire from katiehale on
good night you crazy kids.  hope you get some sleep.


Robin said...

This is just one of a million examples of why you guys are the coolest parents in the world! And how adorable is Yittow Yukey? "Be brave, be brave..." Love you guys!!

kate said...

man, you guys have some good times. only in memphis can you have a bed in a shed in december! i love it!

Trisha said...

love Luke's preface of his song by the campfire: "SO LISTEN TO ME." That's exactly how I feel Luke, buddy. Exactly.
I wish I were your neighbor!

Sarah C. said...

That's a good Joey. Hope it's a quiet night for you, it's going to be a long one for him!

Marie said...

Seriously! You guys ARE the coolest parents. I just love you guys.

edith said...

How awesome! I had the thought, "Sleeping outside in December!?!" and then I remembered y'all live in the South.
What fun! Makes me wish we were more spontaneous.

victoria said...

Ah, so fun. Campout! Campout! Love you kids.

MandaPanda said...

On a nearly daily basis I get to be SO thrilled to have landed next door to these guys!

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