Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Luke's 5th birthday

magically delicious birthday breakfast

birthday at Incredible Pizza - spinning the birthday wheel and getting ready for laser tag

bumper cars were Luke's favorite.  not too surprising since his two favorite things are to go fast and to crash into everything.


everybody needs a good family picture with a florescent abe.. ?

Luke requested a GUN CAKE
and I somehow coerced my dad into helping me (doing it for me).  I think he had fun.  
Apparently it was his first ever cake.  And he calls himself an artist. 

the man with the golden gun...cake

He got lots of great presents.  Mostly guns. :)  G&G got him a spy gun with a silencer, a scope and flashlight, the Cremeans got him an awesome nerf disc gun and Aunt Kate gave him a handmade leather holster.   And his cousins wrote and drew him birthday cards.  What a lucky kid.
  we got him a Toy Story video game and a batman costume ... (that ended up being waay too big)

His actual birthday ...
I took him on a date to Playhouse on the Square's production of Annie.


A couple weeks ago I was on the phone and saw Luke and Lucy carrying loads of clothes, toys, books, shoes, blankets, pillows, stools, bins and stuffed animals into the kitchen.  When I got off the phone, I found... the hoarders tower.   Luke was so proud and wanted me to be too.  I think I was just tired of trying to keep any sort of order in this house.  So, I just let go and said I liked his crazy hoarders tower.  And I even let him sleep in it that night.  I know, don't tell my grandmas. 

pps -  we weighed and measured Luke on his 5th birthday.  So for the record - Luke is 44 pounds and 44 inches.  (a square boy)


Jenny said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. And a gun cake? Wow.

victoria said...

fancy cake! Did he shoot his eye out with that cake? It was very nice of you to let him sleep in the hoarders tower - that was in the middle of your kitchen! Don't know if I would have been so obliging. (Cause I can be all up-tighty sometimes.) Birthdays are good for a lot of leverage I guess.

eyepill said...

I love bumper cars. I hope I get to ride some with Luke and Lucy before I get too old.

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