Saturday, December 21, 2013

catching up

Adventures during Fall Break

Tent sleeping in the Wilson's backyard
Campfire and s'mores in our backyard

Watercoloring during a nature hike at Nesbit Park
Football and thumb wars with Joe Hutchinson at The Grove

 skating siblings

 and a bunch of other random pics since then...

Lucy putting her arm around her best imaginary friend "Casey"
I love this picture!  Look how excited she is to have such a neat friend.

love these moments. i'll take a blurry old pic to try to hang on to good memories.
I see pictures like this all the time but this is my first and only it's ever happened to me.  Sleeping at lunch.

NERD alert!
Luke dressed up for nerd day at school.  If you ask me nerds are dang cute!  (Luke and his best friend Dillan)

Malan being Malan.  We all love her.
                                                                                             (maryanne's first pigtails)

during the Father/Son campout - we had a Mother/Daughter morning out (I just really didn't want to clean the kitchen enough to make a place for us to eat).  Their first time at a breakfast restaurant and Lucy kept saying "I love it here!"
playing at the mall.  Also, Maryanne with her new bff Aunt Kate.  When Kate is here, Maryanne won't come to me and cries and clings to her when Kate has to go.  Aunt Kate, the softy, sometimes just takes her home with her. 
                                                                                        (Maryanne's one and only time wearing the Annie overall that I wore when I was two - she had already outgrown them the first time I put them on her!)

Maryanne trying on my ring.  It looks good on those chubby little fingers

18 month check-up 
 (but she's acutally 19 1/2 months)
Weight - 27.8 pounds (85%)
Height - 34.5 inches  (95%)
HC - 48  (95%)

 Lunch with Luke cause he was Star of the Week.

After cleaning the church one Saturday morning we took the kids in their jammies to IHOP for some pancakes.  A guy stopped by our table and made AWESOME balloons for our kids.  It totally made their day.
 Luke requested a Star Ship
 Lucy wanted a butterfly and Maryanne wanted a "doggy!"

 this has been happening a lot.  Anytime these girls sit next to each other, they yell to me to hurry and take their picture.  It's funny.  I'm starting to get a whole collection of these pictures.

And Lucy singing cups ("When I'm gone") in 4 styles for your listening enjoyment: happy, rock'n roll, mad and sad.

 missmewhenimgone from katiehale on Vimeo.


Mike McBorg said...

so much fun! Lucy is such a cutie. Everytime I hear that song, I think of her. I think she's the first person I ever heard that song.

kate said...

oh man, too much goodness to itemize. i love: the balloons (wow!), my mermer picture (even though i need lipstick i still love it. i hope she doesn't move on from liking me so much, i will be heartbroken), lukes nerd pictures are the best ever, that one with malan and mermer on her back is so awesome (i stole it), and lucy singing (that girl has so many talents, she makes me kind of jealous). this post is just full of the everyday joys of the hales. i feel so lucky to be able to see some of these things in person. :) also, sorry i was so grumpy at your house last night and that i mormon cursed when caleb accidentally injured jane. i got a good nights' sleep and feel much better today. :)

kate said...

oh yeah, and let's not forget about casey! best picture of an imaginary friend that was ever taken! hahahahahaha!!!

Lisa said...

I love the video. It's one of my favorite songs. Your kids are darling. And I have to say, no firepit around your fire in your backyard? I guess you aren't living in the dessert. Miss you guys! I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since were all in MD. Time flies when you are having kids, buying houses, working, getting horrible diseases and more.

olderockhouse said...

Love the smorgasborg! Nerds, cousin camping and horsing around, Breakfast in PJ's, Joey reminding me of dad, best friends and imaginary buddies and the singing...whoa! Loved it and all of you!

sherilb said...

I am in love with Luke the nerd--cutest pictures ever. And I cannot believe how big Maryanne has become since we left. Cousin camping looks so fun! I'm jealous that your kids get so much awesome cousin time. I still can't figure out how you contained your campfire. Re: marshmallow roasing--Graham goes, "Why didn't we get to do that too?" Uhhh..because we are in England, sir.

Robin said...

I love so much about this post!! We sure miss you guys and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a VERY happy new year! I'm sure 2014 will bring you many happy moments as well!

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