Friday, April 26, 2013


Ok, so I just have a few random pictures to post.   A few weekends ago, our semi-new neighbor Jack turned 4 and had a party with a bounce house and some fun games.  Maryanne was entertained by Jack's teenage twin sisters.

It was fun to meet a few more of the neighbors who live a little further down the road.  Lucy met a new friend named Stephanie who is just a few weeks older than her. 

Another neighbor (and member of our church) has a tradition of making sushi on conference weekend and brought us some (a lot!) and even Maryanne gobbled some of them down.

These are across the street neighbors who came to play.  Look at the coloring of these two babies.

And I might as well give a shout out to this neighbor - who is my BNF (Best Neighbor Forever) ... regardless of where we live.  It's Amanda.  She is having a birthday in a couple days so it seems fitting to just say ---- she is just a really great person and I love her.  She is a patient, devoted and playful mom -- she is one of the best moms I know.  She makes me homemade jam, she lets my kids hang out at her house all day, she encourages me to work out with her, she lets me swim in her pool all summer, she rocks at video games (thus a hero of Luke's), she is mother to Josh who is adored by all and wife to Drew who is hilarious and cool.  She's funny and loving and wonderful.  Wouldn't you want her to be your neighbor too?

And shoot - now that I am really just writing about neighbors instead of just posting a few random pictures, I have to say that the WALKERS are basically the glue of the entire neighborhood and if it weren't for them, we wouldn't know all these wonderful people.  I mean, they invited us to a barbeque literally minutes after our moving truck pulled into our driveway 5 years ago.  So, we were hot and tired and minutes later swimming in their pool and eating their awesome food.  And they've been inviting and hosting us ever since.  Any time I post about a neighborhood party, I'm sure they are hosting.  So, they are featured here, here, here, here and here.
 oh and here...
Allison (left) is our steady babysitter and we love her so much.  She is fun and responsible.  A great combination.  And Amanda is graduating as salutatorian at her high school and a really cool girl too.   Anyway, we love these guys.

Well, hurray for neighbors!  And the best kind of neighbors?  Are the family kind. 


Katie B. said...

I didn't realize Maryanne has super brown eyes like Ethan. They might be twinner cousins in more than one way. We'll see when Ethan gets his hair.

Sarah C. said...

I've been wondering who this Amanda and Josh was that I keep hearing about. I thought that it was Amanda and Josh Beers! I love your tribute to your neighbors. Having a good hood is the best! Maryanne has the most beautiful peaches-and-cream skin! Getting excited for you guys to come!!!!

kate said...

luckies. i am getting used to everything about living out here on this busy road, but i think i'll always be a little sad not to have real neighbors (hard to get to know someone when no one uses their front yard!) so i think i will borrow your neighbors instead. they are so awesome! and that amanda! so gorgeous, right?! your pictures are really really nice. you're really getting the hang of that camera of yours.

edith said...

I can't wait to see you guys in less than a month!

AmandaAdora said...

Oh Katie, you are such a gem. I am so very glad that I get to be your neighbor! I love love love it when Luke or Lucy just walk thru my front door. It is always a treat to spend time with your family. And Kate, you are too sweet. You guys can always come hang out in our front yard! Also, those Walkers really are the best ever. I love that photo of them wearing black and white.

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