Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Maryanne's first birthday

Kate and I did a little one year old photo shoot a few days before maryanne's birthday with a smash cake and I don't know - I just love babies in their prim and proper attire getting to make whatever mess they want.  It just seems so bohemian.  Let the babies be free to make their artistic messes, ya know?   And it's so very entertaining.  I love, love, love these pictures.  It's so nice to have a Kate in my life. 



On March 14th last year I took my parents to the Memphis Botanic Gardens and we walked around quite a bit.  And then we got home and I went into labor.  3 hours later we had a new baby girl.  This year it seemed fitting that we visit the Botanic Gardens again on March 14th.

March 14th last year....

March 14th - this year

Just a few minor changes from last year - ya know like now we have a whole new Maryanne.  oh, and it was a lot colder and browner this year.  It was around 40 degrees when we got there.  And of course the very first thing that happened is that crazy Luke FELL in the FOUNTAIN!  Head under and everything - came up soaking wet and freezing!  We had JUST gotten there so we didn't want to leave.  Malan and I ran out to the parking lot to search both vans for any shred of suitable clothing.  Malan luckily came up with some sequin size 6 pants and we ran back to rescue the shivering Luke.  Jane gave him her puff sleeve striped hoodie and the Haucks gave him some toddler socks.  His girl jeans kept falling down all day so I finally tied two bread bags together and made him a belt.  He looked awesome.... and homeless.

It's actually a great place for a one year old.   She thoroughly enjoyed it.

 Luke - excited to find a "sandpeople" in the mosaic (star wars). And waving from the"Ever After House"

Lucy loved all the swings and especially loved dressing up and playing "poor" with Jane and cousins in the "Pixie Sticks Playhouse". 

Here are some random, short, (some sideways) clips from the botanic garden birthday - a little  maryanne babble and music making, luke getting kicked by swinging, giggling girls while trying to hold his sequin pants up, some girls playing poor in a pixie stick house. 


We ate Cafe Rio burritos and then she opened presents.  Which is funny to me because we didn't get her anything.  I sort of forgot about that part.  But she was certainly spoiled by everybody else.

Here she is with all of her loot.
1.  Holding her giraffe from Graham and Alex while I read her the story written for her by Olivia.  It goes, "The panda and the bird flew and the panda walked all over the world.  And behold... a BUNNY GHOST!  And there was a monster and the good guys killed him.  The little girl Olivia and the big boy Luke and Maryanne came with us in her superbaby cradle that could fly.  And behold, a scribble!  And behold, The End.  Happy Birthday Maryanne.  Love, Olivia."

2. Holding her story and a HOMEMADE doll from cousin Malan.

3. Opening her gift from Grandma & Grandpa Hale - a bright and happy outfit that I love.


4. Adorable homemade blocks from Aunt Kate
5. a close up of Malan's doll
6. Doll resting on pillow made by cousin Jane

On to the cake... or actually pie.  Maryanne was born on "Pi Day" which I didn't know was a thing until she was born and everybody told me.  I don't know where I've been.  I even have a super mathy brother.  (mathy?  I really am so smart.)  So the word on the street is that Pi Day, March 14 or 3.14, celebrates the mathematical constant pi.  So, I thought it would be a fun tradition to have pie on Maryanne's birthday.  That is until she tells me different.  Kids seem to like cake more than pie.  Adults seem to like pie better, don't you think?  So, we had 3 pies and 1 cake.  A banana cream pie (for Maryanne who loves bananas) and an Elvis pie (that I made up - just added peanut butter to the banana cream pie.  Elvis loved peanut butter and bananas.  People in Memphis know such things.)  and a peach pie.  And then a store bought disgusting looking "kids cake" with lots of white frosting and confetti.  The kids liked it.  (Maryanne is sporting her birthday gift from Amanda - a new headband)

Lighting up the birthday pie...


After pie - we watch her one year old movie.  I wonder if it's not proper social etiquette to trap people in a room and make them watch a home movie of a bajillion pictures of your baby. Hmm, woopsies.

a package from grandma songer came the next day with these darling hats made by Lisa McKay!

Okay, well that is a complete and detailed account of Maryanne's first birthday.   I'm sure you wanted a total play-by-play.  In case you haven't seen enough pictures of Maryanne lately here are a few bonus ones from recent playground playing.


she's fun.


edith said...

So great! I love that Maryanne.
Luke's outfit made me laugh--but even more the image of him rushing straight into the fountain the minute you arrived--hah!
Anika read this post and then said, "I wish we had a twin family."

kate said...

you have a whole new maryanne! it really was so much greenier and bloomier last year, crazy. and that picture of homeless luke on the ground really kills me! heeeeee! it was a wonderful birthday indeed.

Katie B. said...

I love the photo of Maryanne on the grass in her coat. That is the cutest coat ever! Seriously, I want one. (For me, not Ethan. :) )

Marie said...

Oh, that girl is so cute! I can't believe she is 1. It seems like just yesterday we were all big-bellied pregos, and now here you are with a whole new Maryanne :)
Thanks for letting us sneak in on your Botanic Garden celebration. You guys are fun to hang around with. and I LOVE the cake smashing pictures Kate took.

shauna said...

My favorite cake picture was the second where she is looking at the frosting on her hand. Love it. I think dressing up your kids and letting them make a complete mess is not only a bohemian thing but just also a Katie thing. That sounds like something fun you would do.

Jenny said...

Your kids have so little of you and so much of Joey. What's up with that? Next time you have a baby you make sure your genes fight for the upper hand.

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happy kids

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