Tuesday, January 29, 2013

cinderella ball

 Afternoon Tea 
 hosted by Cinderella herself

and besides hogging all the strawberries, she was quite the perfect host.  Pouring everyone's tea for them when needed.  And the need arose often with such tiny cups. 

The Royal Ball
oh and ... announcing the lords and ladies in attendance...(trumpet)

Lady Emmeboo of Baba-lonia and Lady Maymay of Reading

Gus-Gus and Prince Charming of Fairy Taelia

Lord Joshua Hershel III and Lady Jane of fancypants shire

Sir Lukealot and Fairy Godmother of Bibbidy Bobbidy Booton

Lady Kate and Lord Caleb with Lady Olivia of Brownsville Castle

And Lady Sheri with Sir Alex Bate and Sir Graham the great of Bristol

(cinderella dancing with sir graham in the real ball from the movie was actually a thank you card to lucy from graham -- photoshopped by sheri.  so cute.)

  We played a freeze dance game and a few other games.  but mostly just danced and danced.

 And the last dance of the night was a special dance with prince charming.  This is the one thing she has talked about the most since her birthday. 

after the dance, the kids watched Cinderella upstairs while the adults had a nice curry dinner downstairs.  made by prince charming - so super yummy.

When you wish upon a star

I asked Lucy what kind of cake she wanted fully expecting to try to make some sort of princess cake - but she was very specific in wanting a pink star cake with sprinkles.  So, that's what she got.  Bless her little heart for going easy on me.

She got roller skates for her birthday and spent the rest of the night "skating" around the house grinning ear to ear.   
Very fun day.  
Thank you Kate for taking all these pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

it was the most magical party of all time! with the sweetest birthday
princess. i love all our fancy titles and isn't every costume just
perfect? fairy godmother, you've really outdone yourself this time!

edith said...

That is awesome! I hope my kids don't see it. I've never been a very effortful mom--I wouldn't even know where to begin to make a tea-party on that scale.
Loved the post on Lucy. Even more I love that we'll be seeing all of you soon!

Patricia said...

We have been 'tickled pink' by the last two blogs starring Lucy. All grandmotherly prejudice aside, I'm positive there isn't a more darling 3-year-old princess on the planet.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in your house? Where did you get those costumes. You need to call us immediately and tell us this story. ---Jake

Katie said...

I think Kate's awesome pictures make this party look so magical but yeah, we just borrowed the costumes from some people in our ward that had them from Halloween. And then everyone else just wore dress-ups that they already had. Oh, but our neighbor Josh did buy his awesome costume (actually a captain hook costume) just for this party. I loved how it all came together.

Jana said...

Oh, how I miss your family, and your fun-ness. Can't believe she's THREE! What an amazing party.

Joey totally DOES look like Prince Charming! You have every girl's dream!

Memphis Post said...

I love all those awesome titles! And the ball was so much fun, even if Josh wouldn't dance. We were so delighted to be invited. That Lucy is just about the most adorable thing ever!

eyepill said...

This grand ball is going to make any future piddling prom anti-climactic.

Michele said...

I wish that every girl could see their Daddy as Prince Charming! What a great party.

Michele said...

I wish that every girl could see their Daddy as Prince Charming! What a great party.

Rebecca said...

Oh Katie! This looks like so much fun! I sure hope we eventually get our little three year olds together. Happy belated Birthday Lucy! I love your songs and happy faces. And if you're anywhere near as brilliant as your ol Ma and Pa, then your are pretty brilliant. :)

Anita Fairbanks said...

What a cute party! What a dream.

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